Hassle Free Web Design and Website Hosting from Gryphon Media


Hassel Free Web Design and Hosting from Gryphon MediaWeb Design and Web Hosting from Gryphon Media...

Based in North Somerset, we cover Bristol, Nailsea, Clevedon, Yatton and Portishead.  We design websites to suite the needs of the visitors, from simple HTML sites to complex data driven sites which the clients can update themselves.

We can use a variety of technologies to design and manage your sites, including Drupal, ASP, PHP and MySQL, depending on which is the most appropriate.  We use Drupal based sites to enable the site owner to maintain contant.

Our philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’ means that we only use technology to add to the functionality of the site, never using it for technology’s sake alone.

Building relationships as well as websites..

We believe that good web sites evolve  over time and with business need.  A web site is, therefore, never finished.  If your web site is going to be an effective marketing tool then you need good search engine placement.  Good search engine placement means constant tweaking and updating.

You, therefore, need a design company that will work with you over the long term, always there at the end of a phone if you have a problem or need a change made quickly.

Innovative Website Sprites....

This is an example of our short 'Video Sprites' which
we can film to add impact to your website...

Standard Hosting Charges

£230 + VAT per year.

Includes 5 Standard emal addresses.  Advanced email accounts cost £15 per year per address.  Microsoft Exchange accounts cost £99 + VAT per year.

Advanced Hosting

£275 + VAT per year.

Includes Access, MsSQL, PHP/MysqL, Drupal accounts and 5 standard email accounts.

Domain Name Registration

Cost plus 15% handling fee

Email Services

  • 5 Standard Email Accounts are free with web hosting  Additional accounts are £10 each, per year.

  • Advanced Email Accounts are £15 per year.

  • Exchange Hosted Email costs £99 per year, per account.

  • Email only accounts i.e. anything@gryphonweb.co.uk is £25 per year.

  • Registering a domain name and providing email is £35 per year per address.

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Hassle Free Web Design and Website Hosting from Gryphon Media

Hassle Free Web Design and Website Hosting from Gryphon Media